Introducing Research Projects

The Research Rookies Reception ran very smoothly! After our first rehearsal, I was a little worried about messing up my speech but the best advice I got was from Lauren when she told us to speak as if we are having a conversation with someone. This helped a lot because it made me realize that I really did not need to stick to my script since I am capable of explaining my project without one. After the actual presentation, Dennis was very reassuring reminding me that no one else knew what I was supposed to say so even if I messed up it was okay!

I think my favorite part of the reception was listening to everyone else speak about their project. It really is amazing to realize the variety of research that is being done. I am excited to see the results of everyone’s research!

I am looking forward for next semester and hope to get involved in more clubs such as CAUSE, since I do not have a night class! I am also happy to continue volunteering at the Huskie Food Pantry and become a much more consistent volunteer because I will have less conflicts with my schedule!


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