The Search for a Mentor

Being a true rookie to the research program I was very nervous about finding the right mentor for me. Initially, I thought to stay in my comfort zone and choose someone I know, (Dr. Aurand), but after hearing about Dennis Barsema and being encouraged by one of my professors to pursue him as a mentor, I had no intent to do so. Of course Dr. Aurand was a great option along with Professor Mooney but after meeting with Professor Barsema I knew I had made the made the right choice.

As I am currently an undeclared business major, I expressed to Barsema my passion for people and how I want to help. He introduced me to social entrepreneurship and had me sold.   Without Research Rookies I possibly would not be heading down the path I am about to embark on and that would be much more than disappointing to me. I am extremely excited to take on this research project and I cannot wait to see what I have to discover.


Entering College

My name is Jenee Carlson and I am a freshman, business major here at Northern Illinois University. I am involved in an organization called CAUSE and clearly I am involved in Research Rookies. As I finished my first week of college, I was much more relaxed than I had expected. All of my professors were extremely nice and helpful which was a pleasant surprise. Being an undeclared business major, I have a wide range of options in which I can take my career but I hope to run a business that can make an impact on society in a positive manner. Considering that, I am interested in researching any project that would allow me to assist or help people in any way and see if I get positive results. I hope that after this program I am more aware of my strengths, weaknesses, and a career path that I would like to pursue. I believe that with the assistance of my peer mentor and my peer group, I will be able to make a reasonable decision on what I choose to research.